Small-Scale LNG

Our small-scale Distributed LNG Production Solutions maximize the use of gas from conventional and unconventional resources. They also capture and monetize gas when flared in the fields, or from organic waste from farm, urban or industrial activities.

No pipes

LNG from any gas source, directly to consumers

Through the small-scale Distributed LNG Production, we reduce the size of the gas volume by 600 times, facilitating its transportation through the Virtual Pipeline. Hence, a direct connection between gas sources and the people who benefit the most from a clean and cheap fuel – LNG, is established. This is how we offer the possibility to monetize resources which previously lacked value, or to expand the reach of infrastructure reducing CAPEX.

Boil-off free

The automatic boil-off recovery system provides emission-free LNG storage and loading. This feature avoids natural gas waste, ensuring safe operations in compliance with environmental regulations.

Start-up record time

It’s cold start-up capacity allows it to reach peak production in only 10 minutes, without energy losses nor inefficiencies. This is a clear advantage of Gasbox when compared to mid-scale or large-scale plants that require 12 to 18 hours to start production.

Easy and fast loading

The transfer of LNG to storage tanks can be completed without the use of pumps. Through the priority panel, LNG can be sent from those tanks to distribution trailers, to industrial vehicles or to equipment for immediate consumption.

High availability

The minimization of dynamic components, use of fluids and labor ensure an autonomous operation rate over 99%. This is especially important for the operation in remote areas, such as hydrocarbon fields.

Multiple fuels for every need

Besides producing LNG, the Gasbox offers Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) on demand. This way, both fuels are simultaneously available, ready to meet every need, for example: CNG for light-duty vehicles and LNG LNG for high horsepower applications.